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In Defense of Flowers… No class tonight!!

I am celebrating a PHD success in Botany and Orchids!!

Celebrate with me by looking at the flowers…

Class is back on next week,

May 28th at 5:30pm!!


See you then!












Manipura: Jewel in the City

Chakra flow has brought us the 3rd chakra!!

The energy center of Will, Discipline, and overall embodiment of Self.

We will practice a solar, centered, strong, flow. Firing up the sense of will and willingness to be exactly who you are.

See you on the Mat!

Wednesday, April 30th:

4pm at The Studio

625 Williamson Street

5:30pm at 849 East Washington

Friday, May 2nd:

9:30am at The Studio

Saturday, May 3rd:

9am at Lululemon Hildale

(Free Class, get there early)

10:30am The Studio

Monday, May 5th:

5:15pm The Studio






Svadhisthana Chakra ~ Creativity

This week’s flow will be creative and fluid like water!

We will focus on the lower back, as well as twists for cleansing of the digestive organs!

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue!!













Chakra Series Begins Today!!

Over the next 12 weeks we will be flowing within the energetic centers of the body!

Each of these energy centers or Chakras hold their own physical and emotional properties that can be tapped into with asana, breath, mantra and meditation.

Today we begin with the root chakra, or muladhara.

Come practice today!!


Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue

As well as 4 Flow Yoga classes at The Studio, 625 Williamson Street.

More info online:

Artwork courtesy of Catherine G. McElroy



























Im going to be doing Yoga. So should you.

I will be studying at a Teacher Training at Esalen Institute in Bur Sur, California, and traveling to San Francisco. BTY classes are cancelled until February 26th, when they resume at 5:30pm.

While I am away I urge you to continue to practice yoga. If you are disciplined enough to practice at home, great! If you prefer to go to a class, here are a couple options I have specifically chosen just for you!

All classes are at The Studio at 625 Williamson Street.                                                        


6pm John Harmon, flow yoga, unheated room.


12pm Steve Moschkau, flow yoga, hot room.

5:15pm Ken Kloes, alignment based, hot room.

6pm Greta Lewinski, Gentle Flow, unheated room.


12 and 5:15pm Alex Pfeiffer, alignment based, hot room.


12pm Aja Lefebvre, flow yoga, hot room.

5:15pm Steve Moschkau, flow yoga, hot room.

6:30pm John, Gentle Flow, hot room.


5:15pm Tammy Reed, flow yoga, hot room.

6:30pm Sara Kraemer, Gentle Flow, hot room.


10am Charlotte Easterling, Gentle Flow, unheated room.


10:30am Adam Luker, slow flow, hot room.

4:45pm John Harmon, flow yoga, hot room.

Classes resume on Wednesday, February, 26th at 5:30pm at 849 East Washington Avenue!!