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Workplace Yoga

Students awaiting a lunch-hour yoga class, at the Shopbop studio in Madison, Wisconsin.

Vinyasa  yoga is an active and breath related form of yoga. Vinyasa yoga can be helpful for strengthening and stretching the body, focusing the mind and releasing both mental and physical tension. All of these aspects of a consistent yoga practice are very beneficial for people who have a regular daily routine and especially for those who sit or stand consistently for many hours. In addition, practicing yoga has shown to improve confidence for students. I believe it can be beneficial to introduce yoga into the workplace for the purpose of increased health and mental focus for the employees.

For workplace yoga, I reduce some of the rapid movement in the class, with slower, more restorative poses. The class is still full of movement and various levels of challenges to ensure that the students will not be bored or resentful of the time spent. For workplace classes, I try to incorporate poses that help to relieve stress, as well as poses that help to align the body in ways that counteract the effects of long days of either sitting or standing. For example, there are many soft backbends that are great for people who sit all day, and there are slight inversions for people who stand all day, I also try to incorporate poses that are good for easing carpal tunnel syndrome (something which I deal with from my own workplace). I also incorporate correct alignment for foundational yoga poses, so that people can take that knowledge into other yoga classes. I am focused on teaching beginners to find the benefits of yoga, as well as challenging experienced practitioners to continue to grow in their yoga development.

Class can be held in any open space, such as a conference room, a private warehouse-type space work as well, though it should be clean. Students should wear comfortable clothing and not eat for 1-2 hours before the yoga session. As I previously mentioned, the classes are modified so that it is more of a stretch and tone session rather than a cardio workout, therefore students should be able to go back to work afterwards not feeling as if they just left the gym. Unless, of course, the class is at the end of the day, then I would be happy to incorporate more activity.

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