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Balanced Tray Yoga classes are one-hour, vinyasa style yoga classes in Madison, Wisconsin. The class consists of a foundation-building flow of poses, accessible to all levels of yoga practitioners, with more challenging variations for experienced students. In each class there will be a standing series, an arm-balance, back bends, seated poses, an inversion and relaxation.

“Balanced Tray Yoga” refers to balancing the aspects of an active and often stressful life, through the teachings of yoga asana. Specifically, Balanced Tray Yoga classes are intended to help alleviate physical and mental tension resulting from working. Practicing yoga can be very helpful to both release this tension, as well as to strengthen the body and mind, to be more adept at ‘carrying’ the load of stress that may occur from active lifestyles. It is the goal of Balanced Tray Yoga, that the students not only discover the joy and power that the teachings of yoga have to offer, but also that the students begin to transfer the concept of balancing into their daily lives, ultimately finding a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Catherine (Cass) Hanson, RYT, has been practicing yoga since she was 15 years old. In the time since, she has waxed and waned on her yogic path, approximately two years ago she began to realize the true beauty and power of the practice and teachings of yoga. She received her 200 hour, yoga alliance recognized, vinyasa teacher certification in April 2010. She received her certification while studying in Brazil with her teacher, David Lurey, of San Francisco. (Please see links for more information on David Lurey and his teachings.) Cass has learned from David important techniques for alignment of asanas, as well as how to be a safe and thorough yoga teacher.