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Monthly Archive for June, 2013


The Service Industry Practice class is CANCELLED MONDAY, JUNE 23 (A last-minute canoe trip has my number).

No fear!! The class will be held on TUESDAY, JUNE 24 at 2pm!!

One more SWITCHEROO:due to a few requests this class will be held outside downtown!!!

Please message me for details @ or

There is shade or sun, your choice, and yes, you can switcheroo mid-class.






This beautiful image provided by the people at:



Summer Renewal: Sun and Moon edition

Sun and Moon. Masculine and Feminine. Yang and Yin.

Salute them both.

Every once in a while we get to celebrate the Solstice and a full moon together. Now is the time.


We warm with the sun, and cool with the moon.








Wednesday: 5:30pm 849 East Washington Ave.


Please note: Next Monday’s Service Industry Practice will be moved to Tuesday: OUTSIDE!! Details to follow.







This Week in Yoga: Detox Flow!!!

Thats right!! We are already here at the end of our Spring season, and ready to head in to Summer. As always, we like to finish strong with a toxin-relaesing sequence to start fresh into the next seasonal adventure.

Expect twists, side-bends and forward folds to help flush out the digestive organs.








Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue


Service Industry Practice: Dont worry, you get to detox too!! Monday 2pm @ 122 State Street, Suite 300




Service Industry Practice!!

I KNOW it is beautiful outside… But it will still be beautiful at 3pm, Aaaand you will have softer hamstrings, looser hips, resulting in a less tension in the low back. Just saying.


Practice begins at 2pm. 122 State Street, Suite 300.

Mats available. $10 drop-in.
















This Week in Yoga: Grounding Flow!!

This week we will take it towards the floor with some earthy, grounding movements.

Think hips.

Think feet.

Think steady support, even when you have to use your balance.


Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue.