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Monthly Archive for April, 2013

What dries out a cool, damp day?? Fire!!












Come practice a fiery flow and keep the spirit lifted on this wet day!!

We will practice a string vinyasa flow with a focus on the core and center of the body, generating heat and warmth.


Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue



Dreary Day Tropical Smoothie!

 Pour a little sunshine in your cup with this Dreary Day Tropical Smoothie !

This Week in Yoga: VINYASA FLOW!!

What do you need on this rainy, damp day? 

My guess is you need a fluid, FUN,
vinyasa practice to keep smiling through
the dark and damp week ahead. 

This week we will be a little less serious on the mat, play, challenge and sweat.
Hopefully leaving feeling light and bright.

Playlist to match the practice!!

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue