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Monthly Archive for January, 2013

This Week in Yoga: Manipura Chakra ~ Transformation!!

  This week we will focus on the 3rd energy center of the body: the Manipura Chakra.

Representing transformation, fire, cleansing and productivity. We will build heat, as well as

build upon asana to cultivate the transformative powers of yoga.

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue





This Week in Yoga: Svadhishtana Chakra ~ Creativity!!

This week’s flow will be creative and fluid like water!

We will focus on the lower back, as well as twists for cleansing of the digestive organs!

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue!!

This Week in Yoga: Muladhara Chakra ~ Grounding!!

Over the next 12 weeks we will be flowing within the energetic centers of the body!

Each of these energy centers or Chakras hold their own physical and emotional properties that can be tapped into with asana, breath, mantra and meditation.

Today we begin with the root chakra, or muladhara.

Come practice today!!


Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue

Artwork courtesy of Catherine G. McElroy



























Recipe: Flexible Quinoa!!














Happy New Year from Joshua Tree National Park!!


Josh Geldel will be leading class this week and next, as I take some time to travel and practice in California!

Here is a link to Josh’s bio: