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Monthly Archive for April, 2011

This Week in Yoga: Spring Athletes!!

This week’s vinyasa classes will target legs, hips and core, to help open areas of the body used when running and cycling. The asanas will help to stretch and strengthen these areas that can be especially tight after a winter of less activity. 

As always, bike riding to class is encouraged!! 

Wednesday @ 5:30pm at 849 East Washington Avenue (near the corner of Patterson Street).

*There is an indoor bike rack at this location if you enter from behind the building, just inside the first door.

Friday @ 11:00am at 122 State Street, Suite 300.

*Bikes racks are located outside the front entrance.

This week in yoga: Shoulders!!

Come stretch and strengthen the shoulders, as well as helping to release tension in the upper back.

Wednesday at 5:30pm @ 849 E. Washington Avenue, near the corner of Patterson Street.

Friday at 11:00am @ 122 State Street, Suite 300.

Classes cancelled this week

Classes will be cancelled this week, as I am out of the country.

Classes will resume Wednesday, April 20th.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone!

This week in Yoga: Heart Opening!!

Take a break from politics, and open your heart to yoga.

This week’s vinyasa flow will open chest region through a series of gentle back-bends.

Wednesday @ 5:30pm, at 849 E. Washington Avenue, near the corner of Patterson Street.

Friday @ 11am, at 122 State Street, Suite 300.


Please Note: classes will be cancelled next week, as I will be on vacation. Please see links for recommendations on other yoga classes in Madison.