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Monthly Archive for November, 2010

Classes are cancelled this week

Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, both yoga classes will be cancelled this week. The Wednesday evening class will resume at 5:30 on December 1st, and the Thursday class will be held, as usual at 1pm, December 2nd.

There will be no more class cancellations through the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This Week in Yoga: Twists!!

Thats right; sitting twists, standing twists, supine twists, all to help detoxify the system, invigorate the organs, and to give you a great side stretch!!

Tonight at 5:15pm @ 849 E. Washington Avenue, near Patterson St.
Tomorrow at 1pm @ 122 State Street, Suite 300.

Workplace Yoga at Shopbop

Students awaiting the beginning of a lunch-hour yoga class at the Shopbop studio.

Today’s Yoga Class: Shoulders

Come practice vinyasa flow to help open the shoulders and to find correct shoulder alignment for many yoga poses.
Come practice today @ 1pm, 122 State St. Suite 300. Madison, Wisconsin.

Wednesday Evening Class: Shoulders!!

Come finish off the day with vinyasa yoga to stretch and release tension in the shoulders!

Wednesdays at 5:15pm,
@ 849 E. Washington Avenue
(the Center for Conscious Living, near the corner of Patterson St.) Madison, Wisconsin.