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Monthly Archive for August, 2010

Thursday’s class: neck and upperback region!

This Thursday, September 2nd, the asana flow will target the upperback and neck region. We will practice poses that will help to promote flexibility in this area, as well as ease tension.

1pm @ 122 State Street, 3rd floor studio.

Thursday’s class: hip openers and backbends!

Tomorrows class will focus on hip openers and a variety of backbends. The intention of the sequence is to help release tension which can be held in these regions of the body.

No Sunday Morning Yoga this week

Thank you for all who participated in Sunday Morning Yoga last week! The weather was perfect!

I am looking forward to hosting a class next Sunday, August 29th at 11am, though the class will be canceled this week since i will be celebrating my birthday out of town.

This is a donation-only class. Please bring a mat, towel or blanket. There is access to a restroom and water.


Thursday August 19: Hamstrings!!

It has been said that lower back pain results from a ‘tug of war’ between tight abdomen muscles and tight hamstrings. Come enjoy a flow designed  to stretch the hamstrings.

1pm @122 State Street, 3rd floor studio.