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Autumn Renewal

It’s that time of year again!


Time to shake off the old and ground into the less, the quiet, and the routine.


Today we flow, but with intention to cultivate

courage to move on and calm the spirit right where

you are.


Wednesday, October 1st 5:30pm
at 849 E. Washington Ave.


Class this Week!! (and every Wednesday from now on!)

The Summer travel season is coming to a close, and I am ready to settle into a new routine…

This Wednesday we will be practicing a Grounding Flow to help you do just that: settle, ground, connect.

5:30pm at 849 East Washington Avenue

See you soon!


















Tonight!! Come Practice.

Class is on tonight, July 9th, but will be cancelled the next two Wednesdays. (Back at it on July 30th).

Tonight we flow, we stretch, and we get stronger… all in one sweet 60-minute practice.


Pure and simple. Yoga.

For the body and the mind.



849 E. Washington Avenue.


















Manipura: Jewel in the City

Chakra flow has brought us the 3rd chakra!!

The energy center of Will, Discipline, and overall embodiment of Self.

We will practice a solar, centered, strong, flow. Firing up the sense of will and willingness to be exactly who you are.

See you on the Mat!

Wednesday, April 30th:

4pm at The Studio

625 Williamson Street

5:30pm at 849 East Washington

Friday, May 2nd:

9:30am at The Studio

Saturday, May 3rd:

9am at Lululemon Hildale

(Free Class, get there early)

10:30am The Studio

Monday, May 5th:

5:15pm The Studio






Svadhisthana Chakra ~ Creativity

This week’s flow will be creative and fluid like water!

We will focus on the lower back, as well as twists for cleansing of the digestive organs!

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue!!