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Check it out: YOU made the paper!!!

Happy New Year from Joshua Tree National Park!!


Josh Geldel will be leading class this week and next, as I take some time to travel and practice in California!

Here is a link to Josh’s bio:

This Week in Yoga: Attention in Back!!

This week’s flow will consist of twists, side-bends and other gentle movements to create the feeling of length in the back body, as we breathe and move to release tension in the supporting muscles of the spine.

Wednesday: 5:30 pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue

PLEASE NOTE: We are forming a foundational 6 week yoga series to begin in January, on Monday afternoons. If you are interested, please email:

Class Change!!!

Attention: The Friday class will be cancelled, beginning tomorrow, November 30th.

Ill be looking for another time to get a server-friendly, daytime class… STAY TUNED!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

This Week In Yoga: Shoulders and Hips!!

Both the shoulder and hips hold vast amounts of energy and tension.

Come flow in a way to release the pent up tension from these areas, allowing the prana (life energy) to flow freely throughout the body.

Wednesday: 5:30pm @ 849 East Washington Avenue